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          Group of Companies «Angara» is situated in Siberia, Russia, specializing in logging and wood processing Siberian larch, Angara Pine, Spruce, Fir. The total volume processed each year exceeds 60 000 cubic meters. We have logging enterprise in Ust-Kut and wood processing plant in Bratsk Irkutsk region.

We supply our product to Europe, Middle Asia, Japan, China and Korea.



We use equipment Ponsse and TigerCat for logging logs and IVECO truck for delivery forest to Ust-Kut primary stock.

The processing plant in Bratsk is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment from leading European companies:

» Sawmill equipment and grading lines - Esterer WD, Linck (Germany)

» Thermal equipment - Polytechnik (Austria)

» Drying kilns (1600 m3/month) - Muehlboeck/Vanicek (Austria)

» Sorting line HIT

» Wood processing equipment - Weinig Group (Germany):

   ¤ Rip saws - ProfiRip KR 310 M

   ¤ Optimizers - Opticut 450

   ¤ Moulders - Unimat 1000, Powermat 1000, Powermat 500

   ¤ Fingerjoint - Ultra

» Press - Polzer (Germany)

» Formatting circular saw - Ima (Germany)  

 » Wood processing line Waco   

 For loading and production transportation there are use loaders Liebherr (Germany) and Komatsu (Japan).

          We use high quality, ecologically pure, Siberian larch (export Russian standard) from the Krasnoyarsk region in Siberia, Russia, and manufacture the following products:          

  • Window scantling 3-ply, glued 
  • Lamellas - radial / half radial
  • Gluelam 
  • Duo/Trio beams 
  • KVN Solid structural timber
  • Ceiling beams
  • Ceiling boards
  • Beams for log houses  
  • Edge glued panels for stairs, door frames, furniture
  • Sawn timber
  • Siding
  • Lining boards
  • Flooring
  • Anti-slip decking
  • Terrace boards
  • Handrail
  • Plinth and a lot of other production from Siberian larch.

          As a growing company, we are constantly striving to expand our range of products to meet the varied demands our domestic and international markets. Processing equipment is continually updated and all our products are checked at each stage of the production process to ensure the final product is of the highest quality.

          At GK «Angara» we are proud of the wood processing tradition and our goal is to provide our present and future partners with high quality products and dedicated service at a competitive price.

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